What’s to eat: Chuy’s (Birmingham)

I’m going to go ahead and admit it, we love Mexican/Tex-Mex food.  Robyn and I are suckers for chips and salsa and things wrapped in tortillas.  Earlier this year, we had the chance the to try out the newest Tex-Mex offering to Birmingham, a chain known as Chuy’s (we’re a little late in publishing this review).  After hearing rave reviews from friends on Facebook and Twitter and having family in town, we chose Chuy’s as the night out with Robyn’s sister and brother-in-law.  I must say, I was very impressed.

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What’s to eat…the series

I’ve been thinking that when we’re traveling to see family or just around the greater Birmingham area we eat at some places that folks may not know about.  Because of this, I’ve decided to start a series on this blog called “What’s to eat” to write reviews of the places that we’ve been and to share what’s good and bad about each place.  We’ll see where this series carries us.

What’s to eat: Wolf Bay Lodge

When visiting Robyn’s family in Fairhope, it’s mandatory to eat at Wolf Bay Lodge in Orange Beach.  This is the best local seafood joint that we’ve ever experienced.  It’s one of those places where when you find a favorite on the menu, it’s hard to order anything else. A breakdown of the food is after the break. Continue reading

New family blog

I’ve created this blog as a kind of holding place for news about our family that’s safe for public consumption.  We have never really put together a blog at all but the boys are getting older and more interesting things are happening as such.  Plus it may be a good place to update family (aside from Facebook) for any general news.